About Us

Janie is a College of Saint Francis graduate and music lover who over the past year has become a contributor and researcher for the stories. Her research plays a roll in finding content so everyone can enjoy them. As an avid drama, romance, and mystery novel reader her favorite author is Janet Evanovich.  In her spare time you can find Janie at the health club and being a dog mom, and if she isn’t there, she is probably on a girls trip with her “poker moms.” Janie has gained immense strength fighting off Lupus and Breast Cancer and living her life to the fullest. Janie’s passion in life is helping people and her job as a recreation therapist assisting children with special needs has shown her a different perspective on life.

The Great Janie

Chris is a DePaul University graduate with his degree in computer science who has built computer equipment from scratch. Chris has worked in computer operations, server rooms, and has acted as a tutor. All of that knowledge has allowed him to exercise his creative desire and write programs for warehousing. However, that’s only one side of who he is. As an avid collector of LOTR miniatures, creator of the Graphic Novels Hippo Ocracy, The President Killed My Dog, and Enigma in Time Chris’ creativity is bursting at the seams. Each of his Graphic Novels expresses a different side of his personality. Hippo Ocracy shows the ludicrous way his unique character sees the world. The President is an introspective analysis of how one’s mind can be cracked, broken and eventually changes and grows, like our journeys through life. Enigma in Time shows two sides of our personalities the good, which we show the world and the evil, which we hide away. Currently, he is digesting tons of Anime as he and Josh dive into various series. He is a sucker for a good love story where in the end the hero and heroine kiss, a dog lover, and the tabletop games and D&D villain.

Captain Chris

Josh is a recent Moraine Valley graduate and plans on continuing his education at Lewis University in the fall. He plans on going into the publishing industry. When he is not at school, you can find him reading anime and comic books. Josh loves rock music and enjoys playing tabletop games such as D&D.

Mystic Josh

Marie has a passion for all things media, makeup, and motorcycles. Her education background is in media relations, broadcasting, and photography. Don’t be fooled by her appearance she has some tricks up her sleeve. Marie has been an Irish Dancer, loves roller-skating, golfing and the beach. When she is not working, you can find her at the gym or off riding her Harley into the sunset. This goal-oriented woman is not one to let obstacles or fear get in her way. Despite life's challenges, she strives to maintain her 4.0 GPA while working two jobs.

Professor Marie